Read Books, Watch TV While Lying Flat As A Pancake With The Supine Reading Glasses


Do you find yourself sitting by the headboard, lying on your stomach or craning your neck on a pillow whenever you get your pre-sleep pleasure reading?   The uncomfortable positions do make you wonder about the “pleasure” part of that.

Fact is, reading in bed is an absolute pain in the neck.  Literally.  Do something about it with the Supine Reading Glasses, an oddly-angled pair of specs that let you read while lying flat on your back.

Lightweight and comfy, the 1-oz brown frame sports diagonally-inclined rims, holding two optical-quality prisms that bend your vision a full 90-degrees.  That means you can lie completely supine, stand the book on your belly and read it with your head facing the ceiling.  Pure comfort.

Of course, you don’t have to stop at reading books with this thing.  If you have the TV right at the foot of your bed, you should be able to watch it in a completely recumbent position too.  Just make sure you’re wearing pajamas when you do it.  You’ll know why we said once you try these.

Want to read in an even lazier way than usual?  Get the Supine Reading Glasses and do it while lying as flat as a pancake.  It comes with a hard case and retails for $49.95.

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