Read n Rock Rocker Fits You And Your Little One Comfortably

You can probably pick up a rocking chair from most any furniture store.  If you’re looking for one specifically for bonding with the kid, though, few pieces are likely more fitting than the Read n Rock Rocker.

Sized for 1.25 people (you and your mini-me), the chair is designed as a comfy spot where you can snuggle with the little one.  You can read the kid a story, make up tall tales of your past adventures or play a cooperative game on the iPad, all while rocking gently back and forth.  And when the kids are in bed, it looks like it might make for a fine throne fit for the king of the abode, too.

Aside from fitting an adult and an offspring within its spacious seat (21.5 x 22 inches), the Read n Rock Rocker has another trick up its frame — it stays clean.  Made with Crypton Super Fabric outer, it’s practically impervious to spills, so it’s perfectly safe to goof around with your  kid even with juice, milk and soda in tow as part of the equation.  Resistant to stain, dirt and odor, just wipe away any mess with a dry cloth and you won’t have to worry about the damage spreading anywhere else.

Chair measures an unobtrusive 39.5 x 36 x 31 inches, so you should easily find a spot for it around the house.  The base, which is styled like traditional rockers, is made from wood.

The Read n Rock Rocker comes in five fabric colors (tiger lily, dill, sable, sandstone and capri), priced at $849.

[Crypton At Home via GearPatrol]