This Delicious-Looking Giant Shrimp Is Actually A Neck Pillow


Whether you grill it, bake it, or fry it, shrimp is the bomb. It’s packed with protein, low in saturated fat, and brimming with various minerals, all while tasting like real treasure from the sea. You know what they’re not good for? Supporting your neck when you’re sleeping. At least, that was the case before Real Cushion’s Shrimp Neck Pillow.

A neck pillow cast in the likeness of a giant shrimp, it will support your head while you nod off on the train during your morning commutes. No, we doubt it will support you any better than other neck pillows you’ve used in the past, but none of those neck pillows were ever delicious-looking giant crustaceans that will leave you hungry for some fried prawns or shrimp kebab for lunch.  So, yeah, that counts for something.


The Real Cushion Shrimp Neck Pillow measures 16 x 12 inches, so it’s a little bigger than the usual travel pillow. Yes, that will make it a little inconvenient for plane rides and train commutes, but that also makes it a whole lot more fun to keep around, whether in your cubicle at work, in the back of the car, or any place where you find yourself frequently nodding off. Plus, hitting someone in the face with a giant shrimp during a pillow fight sounds way more interesting than a generic neck pillow.


Available in Japan (where else?), the Real Cushion Shrimp Neck Pillow is priced at ¥4,000.

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