Rear View Mirror For Your Car With Built In Camera


Have you ever seen things in your rear view mirror that you wish you had recorded?  Well, now there is a way that you can record the images that you view in your rear view mirror with a built in camera.  There are a number of uses for this cool gadget.

Of course, the main reason to have a rear view mirror with a built in camera is the occasional accident that you might find yourself involved in.  The camera will capture the accident so you have evidence of who hit you and how the accident occurred.  It is a great way to avoid all the difficulty that can come from trying to prove your side of an accident.

The camera operates with an SD card that is loaded right into the camera.  This camera will record the accident and also include a time and date stamp for the recording.  This will work with your own rear view mirror so you don’t have to deal with any extensive installation of the device.

While it may not happen often, hopefully, an accident that is recorded will help you to prove who was at fault at the time of the accident.  Don’t take any chances with your car, and have all the evidence that you need to recover the money for damages to your car from the person that is actually responsible.  It can also be a great tool if you are hit from behind and the person leaves the scene of the accident.  You may be able to help identify the other driver with the recording that your rear view mirror recorder made for you. But best of all, how cool it  would be to have all the memories captured that happen on the back seat. Just make sure its OK to do so with everybody involved. Wink Wink.