Receptor BUG Communication Helmet Comes With Integrated Headphones, Mic

When you play SSX on a console, every run always comes with some hype tune blaring through your TV’s speakers.  So it’s only natural that you want to do the same thing while rushing down real slopes when you carve into the powder this season.  Problem is, fitting speakers through your helmet comfortably isn’t the easiest thing to pull off.  The Receptor BUG Communication Helmet solves that by coming with an integrated Beats by Dre headphone, so you can drown in your favorite ditties while boarding or skiing down the snow.

Made by POC Sports, it’s a modified version of their popular Receptor Bug Helmet.  The actual snow headgear hasn’t really changed, but this model comes with a built-in communication neckroll that bundles a pair of headphones, a mic and a remote that you can use during your runs.

The POC Receptor BUG Communication Helmet features a ventilated double-shell system with EPS liner that boasts a safe and snug fit.  [box type=”tick”]The unique component, of course, is the musical neckroll containing Beats by Dr. Dre hardware that you can plug into your phone, giving you the ability to talk to the girl you met in the bar last night before starting down a slope or listening to your favorite slam band string endless breakdowns while boarding down a steep hill at high speeds.[/box]

Even better, the neckroll is removable and compatible with other helmets in POC’s Receptor line, so you can switch it among other helmets in your winter gear collection.  And since it’s got an integrated remote, you also spare yourself from fumbling in your pocket with thick gloves to take a call or to jump to your favorite track.

You can get the POC Receptor BUG Communication Helmet now, priced at around $330.

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