Rechargeable Illuminating Wrenches Come With Built-In Torch

Doing work under the hood ain’t easy.  The fact that you need to hold a flashlight between your teeth only makes it harder.  These Rechargeable Illuminating Wrenches can help ease your burden.

A set of wrenches with built-in LEDs, it saves you from having to use a separate lighting source while doing work in poorly-lit spaces, whether your car freezes up on the road at night or your kitchen floods from a leak under the sink.  No need to set up a LED 130 Might-D-Light or wear a LED-reinforced cap — just use the integrated illumination to shine a light on whatever object requires turning.

The Rechargeable Illuminating Wrench Set consists of seven open-ended spanners with sizes ranging from 10mm to 20mm.  Each one is constructed from chrome-plated, drop-forged steel, making for one sturdy piece of equipment for serious repair and tune-up needs.

Both open ends of the wrenches come with its own LED in the cradle, which can be set to beam in two strengths for more precise illumination (as well as flash in case of emergency).  The wrench cradle (which houses the pieces vertically) also doubles as a charging dock, filling up the built-in batteries to provide up to 5 hours of lighting during use.

In a perfect world, all handyman tools will come with built-in LEDs to make sure you can get your work done without having to wear your Stanley Torch Watch.  The Rechargeable Illuminating Wrench Set is a good start. It’s available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $99.95.

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