Hello Rewind Turns Old Shirts Into New Laptop Sleeves


Got a favorite shirt from your college days that’s way past its usable prime?  Instead of letting it grow cobwebs in the closet, you may want to give it a second lease on life by sending it to Hello Rewind, who specializes in turning old shirts into new laptop sleeves.

Yep.  I’m talking about you, with your Only In My Dreams Debbie Gibson shirt from the 80s, your MC Hammer U Can’t Touch This oversized tee from the 90s and your PS2 windbreaker from that gaming expo back in 2000.  If you can’t part with the memories they carry, you might as well use them as more than mere hiding places for cockroaches in your attic.

Hello Rewind lets you ship your old shirts for turning into unique sleeves that can house 13-, 15- and 17-inch laptops.  They design it for Macbook Pros, but should fit similarly-sized, non-Apple notebooks too.  More than just stitching the clothes into a rectangular shape, though, they turn it into a functional laptop sleeve, complete with a shut-in velcro lid, a middle layer of batting and an inner layer of soft felt for cushion.

No special customizations for the sleeves are accepted at the moment.  While they can ensure that whatever graphic the shirt has shows up prominently in the finished version, you can’t add extra accoutrements, such as zippers, custom prints or cute bunny patches.  Still, the final product does net you a sleeve that’s most likely 100% unique to you (especially if you send in your favorite shirt of all time, New Kids On The Block Hangin’ Tough).  Pretty special.

By the way, Hello Rewind is ran by a team that’s also active in the fight against sex trafficking.  Part of the proceeds from your purchase of the laptop sleeves will help support their missions.

[Hello Rewind via Swiss Miss]