Binary Collection Features Semi-Functional Furniture Decked In Computer Junk

Computer junk — we’ve got plenty of it.  Some people throw them away, some fashion them into funky sculptures.   The guys from BRC Designs turn them into some wild-looking furniture pieces.

Called the Binary Collection, the furniture series consists of three separate chattels, all built using recycled computer parts: a table, an armchair and a dining chair.  And, no, the recycled motherboards and RAMs and other throwaway pieces aren’t integrated seamlessly, either.  Everything looks like an intentional mess — albeit, one with a very distinct appeal.

The Binary Table features a metal structure, with its surface completely covered in salvaged electronic parts, all held in place with sheet metal screws.  Just to keep it functional, they threw in a raised glass surface, since the junk-ridden top is plain unusable.

The Binary Chair 01 is a lounging armchair that would looks perfectly at home in the living room.   Like the table, the whole frame is decked in discarded computer parts, leaving the arms likely unusable (unless you enjoy getting poked and scraped).  A cushion cover made from computer ribbon cables are thrown in for the seat and back rest (yes, it’s probably usable).

The Binary Chair 02 ditches the arm rests and throws in a longer back, making for a chair that could be a useful complement to your dining table or work desk.  Underlying structure is built from an industrial printer that was disassembled, riveted together and bent into a chair form.  The actual seating area is made of wire strips weaved together into a makeshift cushion.

No word on whether the furnishings are for sale.  Considering the seemingly-arbitrary placements for all the junk, we’re assuming each is a one-off and would look mighty fine as a decorative piece.

[BRC Designs]