Recycled Goodness: Trusty Workshop Apron

Enjoy doing handyman projects in and around the house?    Keep yourself clean while getting the job done with the Field House Trusty Workshop Apron, a  "tough as nails" working garment fashioned based on hours of customer conversations.

Blackbird fixture Billy Bartels came up with the design, which he then forwarded to Seattle sailmaker George Broom, who took charge of building the actual product.  The result is a traditional apron with a bunch of useful accouterments and an undeniably sweet style.

The Field House Trusty Workshop Apron uses heavyweight, second-hand canvas materials, drawn from the back storage areas and scrap piles of local Ballard shops.   It uses a criss-cross harness system with a 0.75-inch cotton belting for comfort, two small chest pockets and a large pouch pocket with a flap cover (to keep away debris) and separate compartments (for small items like screws, nails and bolts).

With Ballard being home to plenty of woodworkers, blacksmiths and sailmakers, the apron's design has received plenty of input from folks who will likely be putting it to heavy use.  That means, it's likely to prove a very good choice for your own workshop gear, too.  Plus, the uncomplicated, dead-simple design shouldn't hurt either.

You can equip yourself with one for $165.

[Blackbird Ballard]