Red Cup Living Recreates Stemware, Glassware With Disposable Aesthetic

Plastic cups are tacky as heck.  Sure, you don’t mind drinking from them in the comfort of your solitude, but having guests around makes for another thing entirely.  Unless, of course, your plastic cups carry as much personality as these drinking vessels from Red Cup Living.

Styled to resemble the disposable plastic cups you played endless games of beer pong in college with, the drinking vessels should add just a bit of nostalgia to your drinking parties.  Unlike them, however, the cups come in an array of familiar glassware and stemware designs, so they should be just a rung higher on the classy scale compared to the classic solo cup.

Red Cup Living makes their drinkware in a variety of sizes and designs, including one shaped like a cocktail glass with a stem, a cup shaped like a wine glass, a mug-shaped cup with a handle for coffee, a 2-ounce shot cup, a 32-ounce XL cup, and more.  Each one is constructed using solid double-wall ABS plastic to keep them somewhat insulated and break-resistant, so you can use them hassle-free all through the night.  If you’re iffy about the waste of disposable red cups (think of the landfills, gah!), there’s no need to protest — these are actually reusable and can be thrown in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Unfortunately, Red Cup Living’s products aren’t quite as cheap as disposable solo cups.  Each one will be sold individually beginning April 10th, priced between $6 to $10.

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