Red Raven Is The Cheapest, Smallest Red Camera Yet


Blackmagic’s Red cameras are kind of a big deal in professional circles, having seen wide use in many high-budget Hollywood films. While it’s undoubtedly difficult to justify purchasing one of their rigs (you know, like this near-$70,000 Red 8K Weapon) unless you’re making that money back with your film projects, you might be able to splurge on the new Red Raven with just a little less guilt.

The company’s most affordable model yet, it starts at just under $6,000, a far cry from the outfit’s previous cheapest model (the $29,000 Red Epic). While that’s not cheap, it’s definitely in the justifiable range for those who do serious work behind the camera, making it a lot more accessible to a wider array of aspiring filmmakers.


Using the same 8.8 MP Red Dragon image sensor found in the Epic, the Red Raven can record 4K video at 120 fps and 2K video at 240 fps, which should make for some serious high-speed, high-res content. Pairing a dynamic range of 16.5 stops with Red’s renowned clean detail and excellent color reproduction, the rig promises “best-in-class image quality.” It uses the company’s singular modular design that makes it easy to swap out accessories, with an integrated Canon EF mount giving it access to a wide range of lenses available in the market. Impressively lightweight, it tips the scales at just 3.5 pounds.


The Red Raven’s $5,950 price, by the way, is just for the body. If you want to take your drone footage to the next level, you can opt for the outfit’s Jetpack package, which steps cost up to $9,750. More traditional filmmakers, on the other hand, can get the $9,950 BASE I/O package.

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