Drive Around While Decapitating Walkers With The Zombie Roadkill Escape RC Truck


Yes, this truck has a ridiculous name. But that’s only because the Zombie Roadkill Escape RC Truck is designed to do ridiculous things, like plow down zombie hordes and decapitate the undead while you drive it.

That’s right, this RC truck is designed for the zombie apocalypse, so you can practice navigating the roads of fallen civilizations right from the comfort of your living room. Whether you’re an actual survivalist waiting for the T-virus to drop or just a fan of zombie culture, this thing will add some long-missing zombie twist to your RC driving endeavors.


The Zombie Roadkill Escape RC Truck is a vintage-style pickup truck that’s been rigged as a functional apocalypse death machine, making it suitable for taking out a horde of zombies looking to terrorize your camp. Want to run head-on through a group of walkers slowly trudging your way? Not a problem, as the darn thing comes with a “front grill impaler,” a diamond-plated hunk of steel  out front that should plow through zombies with ease, sending them careening out of your way, so you can drive through in peace.

The big draw, however, is the “360-degree crane decapitator,” a crane mounted in the bed of the truck with a double axe head hanging from it. Positioned at a horizontal plane, the axe heads are designed to decapitate zombies that unwittingly come within its range, while an arrow in between the two axe heads provide the necessary counterweight to keep them in proper position the whole time you’re driving. The crane, by the way, isn’t stationary. Instead, it’s designed to move freely in conjunction with the truck’s movements.  That means, this darn thing will be spinning and turning along with your own steering, so you can somewhat control where the axe heads get wielded by steering the truck accordingly. Granted, this will likely take some time to master, but it would be quite the fun trick to add to anyone’s zombie-killing arsenal.


The Zombie Roadkill Escape RC Truck, of course, won’t be any fun without actual zombie to maim, kill, and destroy. That’s why, it comes with 20 freestanding zombie figures, with heads that are designed to come off whenever they come in contact with the axe heads on the crane. Truth be told, we think the heads will come off when you hit them with that spiky bumper, too, so you can get some fun truck-versus-zombie action unleashing this thing on your driveway.


The truck, by the way, is a 1/24-scale model that’s designed to look like it’s been salvaged out of the scrapyard for use in the zombie apocalypse. While some parts look like solid steel, they’re all just ABS plastic, so don’t get your hopes up about using this to mow down miniature zombies in an actual apocalypse (hey, mutations happen). The truck, by the way, comes with actual off-road tires and a working suspension, so you can set up your zombie horde in the backyard and let this thing loose.

The Zombie Roadkill Escape RC Truck is available now.

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