These Redwood Sunglasses Are Made From 1000-Year Old Wood

When it comes to sunglasses, it always pays to go for classic than trendy, but that’s only true when you’re working from a regular person’s budget.  Those with deeper pockets and taller stacks can follow any trend they want.  Even wooden sunglasses.  When it comes to those, these Redwood Sunglasses make for a mighty fine pair.

Made by Capital Eyewear, the shades are limited-edition items with only 25 pairs produced.  If you hate wearing stuff that everybody else is, this should guarantee that won’t be a problem. Unless, of course, 24 other people in your favorite hangout decide to pick up all the other units, which isn’t really likely.

Billed as “a piece of history,” the Redwood Sunglasses frames are made from reclaimed redwood originally used for a railroad bridge in the 1800s.  When the bridge was torn down in the 50s, the wood was put into storage where it has sat, until recently, when it was used to build a California beach house.   The sunglasses are made from wood left over during the construction.  Since the wood is estimated to be over 1,000 years old, they come with reddish brown rings that sit extremely close together, making for a very distinct appearance.

The sunglasses are handmade in San Francisco, with each one individually numbered from 1 to 25 inside the temples.  It features Carl Zeiss Vision Lenses (either black or brown), stretch to fit hinges, and a water-resistant finish.

The Capital Eyewear Redwood Sunglasses are available now, priced at $350.

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