Reebok ATV 19+: All-Terrain Training Shoes

We make all-terrain trucks, all-terrain skateboards and all-terrain bikes, so why not make an all-terrain shoe when you’d rather be hiking?  That’s exactly what they did with the Reebok ATV 19+, a pair of kicks that can run through mud, snow, grass, rocks, sand and other rugged surfaces in stride.

Literally creating a new footwear category all its own, the shoes feature huge lugged soles that make the entire lower half look like the bottom of a spaceship.  Yes, the appearance is weird as heck.  Then again, if it keeps you steadier with less work while traversing tough terrain, we doubt anyone would mind.


The unusual design of the Reebok ATV 19+ is based around a Reaction Ball, the six-sided tool baseball players use in practice for its unpredictable bounce, eventually ending up like the wide tires on a giant off-road vehicle.  Billed as “the first all-terrain athletic shoe,” it features 19 thick lugs on the soles and rugged overlays, ensuring it serves you well through your treks, runs and strolls along treacherous paths.  The rest of the shoe takes the reins from normal sneakers: breathable upper, padded tongue, and a supportive collar for ankle protection.

Granted, the appearance of the Reebok ATV 19+ is bound to hinder a lot of people from embracing the weirdness.  Then again, that’s what we said about Vibram’s FiveFingers and that turned out quite the hit.  We’ll know soon, as the shoes launch February 1st, priced at $140.

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