Reebok Zigtech’s Zig-Zag Sole Energizes Your Legs, Allows You To Train More


Reebok calls the ZigTech an “energy drink for your feet.”  The rationale is that, as their most technologically-advanced running shoes, it’s configured to minimize the work performed by your leg muscles.  As a result, you get to run more while straining them less.

It sports a design aesthetic that’s completely new.  Or maybe I just don’t keep up with kicks all that much.  Whatever the case, they basically took the shoe upper and rested it on a zig-zag cushion, with air passing underneath.  Off course its not much to look at but if you believe the press release, it will deliver such improved performance that you will gladly give up looking good to derive the promised benefits.

The Reebok ZigTech’s main innovation is that zig-zagging slab of engineered foam at the bottom.  Not only is the material lightweight, the unusual shape allows it to shave a few extra lines on the scale as well.  More importantly, the sole absorbs the impact of heel strikes, spreads it along the winding lines and uses it to help propel the fat slob (or, in your case, athletic wonder of the ages) wearing the shoes forward.  Yes, it supposedly assists in moving you along – just like putting springs on your feet.

“Training longer just got easier,” Reebok further notes about the new trainers.  I actually like that better than the energy drink reference.  It’s a lot more descriptive of what the shoes do, since it’s claimed to facilitate up to 20% less wear and tear on your key leg muscles, particularly the shins and hamstrings.

How much for the most advanced running shoes ever?  The Reebok ZigTech will go for $100 (suggested) beginning March 11, when it rolls out to retailers worldwide.  It will be available in a variety of colorways, so you don’t have to be stuck with the black and red combo above.

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