Reef XS1 Sandals Feature Drainage System, Bottle Opener

Flip-flops have long been the staple footwear for the beach.  And they’re ultra-comfy for that purpose, too.  Except when they get wet.  And they stay wet.  And they start to smell.  Not the Reef XS1 Sandals.

Armed with a built-in water drainage system, it will keep your soles drier for longer compared to every other flip-flop in the market.  How? By sending water through holes integrated in the footbed, which then slide out through the open cushioning system.  That way, you don’t actually have to put up with extended wetness on your feet once you’re off the water and on the sand.

The Reef XS1 is a stylish  (definitely better-looking than these Pop-Up Slippers) thong sandal with some unique features.  Aside from draining water out of your footbed, it features anatomical arch support, an injection molded midsole (for extra comfort) and a thick rubber sole for traction on slippery surfaces.  And just in case you forgot your Craftsman Cap Wrench in the boat, it has a built-in bottle opener in the sole, too, so relax — that six-pack of viagra beer you’ve been saving up won’t go to waste.

If you hate slippers that go wet and funky-smelling all day, we can’t imagine anything better than the Reef XS1.

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