Even Prehistoric Garbage Won’t Be An Eyesore In This T-Rex Foot Waste Basket


If dinosaurs were alive today, we imagine there will be a lot of possibly illegal trade involving the monstrous creature. You know, stuff like exotic medicines, T-rex trophy heads, and all sorts of black market fare. When that happens, we’re guessing real versions of this Regal Robot Faux Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket will be among the most popular contraband.

That’s right, someone made a replica of a dinosaur’s foot then turned it into a garbage can, so you can use it as a place to dump food wrappers, crumpled paper, and all other rubbish. No, it’s not big enough to serve as a proper garbage can for the kitchen, but as a waste basket for the bedroom, the home office, or the man cave, this definitely looks like it’s just the perfect size.


Since dinosaurs aren’t alive anymore, the Regal Robot Faux Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket is made from less organic fare. We’re not actually sure what it’s made out of since the material isn’t listed, although given the outfit’s penchant for producing decorative furniture pieces, it’s probably cut in wood, fiberglass, or some other furniture-grade composite material. That means, it’s likely to feel more like art décor than a cheap plastic toy, which would make it suitable for showing off at home. We know, showing off the garbage can isn’t our idea of home decorating, either.

Each one is hand-built and hand-finished by expert prop-makers who cut their teeth fashioning colorful props for theme parks and trade shows. That means, no two are bound to be exactly alike, since each one will bear some unique elements as a result of the manual process. Oh yeah, these things are beautifully done, too, with each one crafted in fine detail, making it appear like a preserved appendage of a real prehistoric specimen.


While the Regal Robot Faux Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket depicts what contemporary science believes T-Rex feet look like, you can also ask for custom finishes that make it appear like something else. Want to make it look like the classic green dinosaur you used to play with in your youth? Yep, they can do that. How about making it look like a fiery red dragon’s foot instead straight out of Daenerys Targaryen’s fleet of fire-breathing creatures? So long as you can describe what you want in detail, they should be able to pull it off.


Dimensions are 16 x 16 x 24 inches (height x width x depth), with the main chamber able to hold volumes of up to 1.3 gallons. Oh yeah, since you probably don’t want your decorative dragon’s foot to be stinking of trash each time you empty it out, the actual compartment includes a plastic insert where you’re meant to dump all of your refuse.

While a real dinosaur foot that’s been preserved for waste basket use will probably be expsensive, the Regal Robot Faux Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket is a little more affordable. Not cheap, mind you, just affordable, as it retails for $649.

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