Regretsy: The Dark Side Of Crafts


We love Etsy.  Heck, we've featured crafts being peddled around those parts in these pages multiple times.  Like many "creative" places, however, there's about ten pieces of garbage for every brilliant item that shows up.  A site called Regretsy documents that former category.

From a Michael Jackson monkey doll to a cheese grater with a clock (called Time To Grate) to a half-fish, half-squirrel taxidermy freak, it's a hilarious look at the questionable stuff "creative" people make.   Poring through the entries can feel like you're reading through a pile of fake products designed for a laugh.  But, alas, they are real. Worse, they're being sold (not that anyone's buying, of course).


It's tough to imagine the sellers expect people to pay for this stuff.  I mean, if they were going for $1 apiece, I'd probably splurge and put up my own Museum of Horrible Craft.  However, the price tags are bordering on retarded.  Really.  For a taste, that sock monkey Michael Jackson above is angling for your $600.  Sh'mon!

I wish Regretsy was laid out in grid form, since those photos truly paint a thousand (nay, a million) foul words.  Instead, though, we get the usual timeline blog format.  Not bad, but the last thing I want to do is scroll and click incessantly to gander at hilarious photos.  Not that I don't do it, mind you - I'd just prefer it the other way.

Ran by a blogger toting the pseudonym Helen Killer, it's one of those sites to drop in occasionally on for a good laugh.  Patrons of the bad arts, meet your new heroes.

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