Microwaving Pizza, Want A Crispy Crust? No Problem With Reheatza


There’s nothing wrong with microwaving leftover pizza. Unless, of course, a chewy and soggy crust, along with overcooked toppings, severely dampens your eating enjoyment. If you have no recourse other than a microwave for reheating pies straight from the fridge, though, you might want to pick up the Reheatza.

A specially-designed pan for microwaving pizza, you simply put the leftover slices inside the container, put the cover on, and place the assembly inside the microwave. Cook it on high for about two minutes and you’re done, with the pizza sporting a crispy crust and moist toppings, just like it was reheated inside a toaster oven.


The Reheatza achieves this sorcery by using a pan that absorbs microwaves and a lid that blocks them. As such, heat is able to come through the pan, toasting the crust with all of the microwave’s might, all while the toppings are mostly left untouched, cooked only by the radiant heat generated from the bottom component. It’s a simple but clever solution that can translate to a whole load of other cooking tasks, since the Reheatza basically acts as a griddle of sorts, pumping out around 350 degrees Fahrenheit with the microwave set on high. You can, for instance, use this same cookware to make grilled cheese, breakfast sandwiches, sunny-side up fried eggs, and even meat dishes using just a microwave oven. Heck, you can even heat marshmallow pizza on the darn thing without the spongy confection getting nuked into oblivion.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Reheatza. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $36.

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