Rei Portable Camp Kitchen

Camping is awesome.  Unless you live in your kitchen and can’t stand the lack of it in your camp site, that is.  That doesn’t have to be a problem with the Rei Camp Kitchen, a portable kitchen that neatly tucks into a bag for conveniently taking with you.

The setup consists of tables and shelving space that you can use to turn a corner of your site into a serviceable and organized kitchen.   Of course, you’ll have to equip it with a portable stove, cooking equipment and ingredients to turn it into an actual meal preparation area, but it’s a start.

The Rei Camp Kitchen folds out into a single kitchen structure, consisting of two flat work tables (which could also hold your outdoors espresso maker), a top for your stove with a three-sided windscreen, a shelf under the stove, a two-level food pantry for stowing away your dry goods and a hooked post for hanging a lantern at night.  There are built-in hooks along the table edges, too, so you can hang spatulas, knives and that Chopula you cannot live without.

All parts, save for the polyester pantry cover, are made with aluminum and steel, providing an outdoor-ready, sturdy working kitchen that will keep all your stash in order.  For putting away, the whole thing folds down into a compact bundle that measures 32 x 19 x 5 inches.  It’s not very light, though, at a little over 30 lbs.

Want one? The Rei Camp Kitchen is available now, priced at $119.