REK Expanding Coffee Table Can More Than Double In Size When Needed

You don’t want a large coffee table creating an obstruction in the living room.  At the same time, there are days when you would like a little more tabletop space for everything you got going on.  Basically, you want the best of both worlds like an entitled brat and the REK is here to attend to your unreasonable whims.

Designed by Reinier de Jong, it’s an expandable coffee table.  When you just want a compact coffee table to hold a couple of books and put your feet up on, it measures just 23.6 x 31.5 inches (w x l).  In case friends decide to come over for tea, coffee, and some spray-on cupcakes, though, it can expand to a three-level tabletop that measures a more generous 51.1 x 66.9 inches.

The REK expands using a simple sliding mechanism, with built-in stops to signal when it’s at maximum extension.  The best part?  You’ve got plenty of options in expansion: you can move just the second layer, just the third layer, or pull out both for maximum tabletop space.  Plus, you can stretch it lengthwise or pop out the expansion tabletops towards the sides, accommodating whichever position will suit you best.  Construction is solid wood (choice of oak or beech), with the tops and sides finished in high-pressure laminates.   It also comes with beveled edges for a better grip when sliding various sections of the table.

Want one?  The REK is available directly from Reinier.  Pricing isn’t listed, but you can contact him directly via a form on the website to inquire.

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