Relive Old Baseball Memories On These Yankee Stadium Seats


Miss the old Yankee Stadium?  Baseball’s Cathedral in the Bronx is now gone, but who says you can’t relive the memories?  Even better, you can do it while downing hotdogs, drinking beer and cussing to your heart’s content on the same chairs you used to park your big, fat ass on with these authentic Yankee Stadium Seats.

Yep, the actual folding seats from the 1923 stadium pulled out of their bolted spots and into your home.  Sure, it’s small and cramped and looks decidedly uncomfortable.  Still, it’s a significant piece of history that could send a torrent of happy memories once you plop down on its cold, steel surface (if you regularly hit the Bronx for the ballgames, that is).

Okay, they’re not entirely genuine.  According to Steiner Sports Memorabilia (who are selling off the pieces), each Yankee Stadium Seat uses authentic steel back and bottoms (salvaged from the heap left over by the old sports arena), complete with whatever crap they came with (from stickers to scratches to…gasp…various trace evidence you can detect with the Orion Lite).  The cast iron arms featuring a commemorative NY Yankee logo, however, are new and have been designed to allow the chair to stand on its own.

All Yankee Stadium Seats come with a certificate of authenticity, so you can show off to your friends how it’s the real deal.   You can probably get a bigger, more comfortable chair for the $750 it’s going for, but it’s tough to put a price tag on this level of nostalgia.

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