reMarkable Type Folio Keyboard Turns The Paper Tablet Into A Distraction-Free Writing Machine

We’re big fans of reMarkable’s unique e-paper product, a 10.3-inch tablet designed strictly for reading, writing, and drawing. It makes for an excellent e-reader, digital notebook, and digital sketchbook. Problem is, you’ll have to write everything using the stylus, essentially eliminating the option to use it as a paper-like word processor for distraction-free writing. That changes with the release of the reMarkable Type Folio.

A keyboard accessory specifically for the e-paper tablet, the device works much like any keyboard peripheral for iPad and Android tablets, giving you a set of keys for typing and a stand around the back for docking the tablet. That way, you can type on it with similar ergonomics to typing on a laptop, allowing you to type long drafts instead of having to tediously write everything with a stylus.

The reMarkable Type Folio is a leather folio with an integrated keyboard designed specifically for use with the reMarkable 2. It attaches to the tablet using the device’s magnetic accessory port, allowing you to use the tablet the way you normally do, albeit with the folio keyboard attached to its back, so it’s merely thicker. That means, you can still grab the tablet in one hand while jotting down notes and doing sketches with the keyboard attached, so having the keyboard in tow doesn’t need to disrupt your familiar workflow.

Want to switch to typing? Just unfold the whole thing to set it up similar to a laptop form factor, complete with the option to tilt the tablet at a variety of angles, so you can find your most comfortable working position. The slim keyboard uses full-size keys, except for the number row on top, so typing on it should be just as comfortable as typing on your other tactile keyboards. Until, of course, you need to type numbers and symbols, at which point, you’ll have to use the tiny row of keys at the top. It has 1.3mm of key travel.

The reMarkable Type Folio, basically, turns the paper tablet into a distraction-free writing device, similar to products like the Hemingwrite and Freewrite Alpha. Except… you know… it comes with reading materials and a sketch pad, too, so you can distract yourself if you’re up to it, but those are nowhere near as potent when it comes to sidetracking you as social media notifications or messages from your phone. Not only does it allow you to type your thoughts onto the tablet, the software can also convert handwriting into digital text, so you can switch between typing to writing with the stylus and typing again while working on the same document. It’s awesome.

The outfit also offers a writing app that’s available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, so you can continue your writing on different devices. That means, you can edit that manuscript you’re working on at home when you get some spare time at the day job, then keep working on the same thing in your e-paper tablet once you get back home. Very convenient.

The reMarkable Type Folio is available now, priced at $199.

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