Rememberings Are Colorful Bands With Short Reminders

You’ve tried to-do lists, cellphone reminders and a whole host of other productivity suggestions.  Yet you continue to forget to pay your damn bills.  Maybe nothing works, you just really hate paying bills (and, let’s be honest, we all do).   Or maybe these Rememberings might help.

While I doubt it really works better than a loud, beeping and vibrating cellphone reminder, these novelty finger bands do make keeping reminders just a little more colorful.  Okay, a lot more colorful.  Plus, it gives you an excuse to wear cute silicon thingies on your finger without looking like you’re regressing in mental age.

Made by the Bravo Company out of Singapore, it’s supposed to be an updated version of those colored strings your mom tied around your fingers to make you remember something important.  What the heck, you say?  Yeah, we never did that in our house, either, but let’s both pretend to have grown up as normal as everybody else and say, “Wow, goody!”

Since the bands are made from silicon, they should stretch to fit most fingers (probably not for gorilla hands, though), so you can wear one on every finger to make sure you really don’t forget.  Only five kinds appear to be available for now: Take Pills (red), Call Mum (orange), Pay Bills (green), Return Book (blue) and Buy Gift (purple).  Hopefully, they’ll put out a few more — I can really use a DRINK BEER reminder right about now.

The Rememberings are available in sets of five, priced at $17.90.  Now, about that beer…