Remmus Lounger Automatically Spins To Ensure Maximum Sunlight For Sun Bathing

We’re not entirely sure about the importance of the sun’s angle when it comes to getting a good tan.  People seem to do well enough just lying on a lounge chair and letting the clear skies do all the work.  But if you feel that directly facing the sun is your best bet to getting an optimal tan, then the Remmus Lounger is exactly the sunbathing companion you’ve been missing.

A rotating outdoor lounge chair, it’s designed to follow the sun as it moves slowly across the sky, ensuring sunbathers get the full load of the natural tanning light they need to keep their skin in a handsome orange glow.  No more having to move your chair mid-nap to get a better angle at the pouring sunlight.  Just lie down, pass out, and wake up with the best tan nature can provide.

The rotating feature isn’t just for following the sun, of course.  You can also rotate the Remmus Lounger a full 360 degrees at the push of a button, so it can be like a poolside ride for kids who like to get dizzy spinning over and over (those same kids, by the way, grow up to be the people who drop on near-vertical looping waterslides and ride crazy rollercoasters over and over).  Aside from the novel rotating feature, it also comes with a litany of conveniences that make it a big step above your regular outdoor lounge chairs.  The ergonomically-designed backrest, for instance, is easily adjustable with the push of a button, while integrated water sprayers can fill the surrounding air with a pleasant mist.  It’s got an integrated tabletop, a built-in cooler for your drinks, hi-fi marine-grade speakers, a wireless charging station for smartphones, LED accent lighting, and even a button for calling a waiter (or your personal robot butler, whichever the case may be).  Available in both plug-in and battery-powered models.

The Remmus Lounger is available now, priced at $45,000.

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