Remote Buddy Helps You Locate Lost Remotes, Possibly Babies Too

Can’t find the remote again?  That sucks.  What kind of couch potato will you be if you have to get up to turn the channel?  The Remote Buddy lets you stay fat and lazy, helping you find those missing remotes with the push of a button.

When you can’t find your cell phone, all you have to do is call it and follow the ringtone.  Same idea here.  Using a color-coded receiver you attach to the remote, all you need is to punch the corresponding button, causing it to chime.  No more interrogating everyone in the house or having to retrace your steps – simply follow the sound.

Set consists of a tabletop remote holder with four slots, four color-coded receivers and a detachable cup holder.  The button panel (with color codes corresponding to the receivers) is integrated right into the remote holder, which you’re supposed to use to keep all similar wireless peripherals in one place.  What does the cup holder have to do with anything?  Nothing, really, but it’s a good addition if you’d like to keep your remote holder on the coffee table.

In case you only use one universal remote, you can use Remote Buddy’s system for tracking other things that frequently get lost around the house, like your son’s favorite toy car, your keys or your one-year old baby.  Just stick the receiver on them (each has a two-sided adhesive pad on one side) and all you have to do is press the button to hear the chime.

Remote Buddy is currently available for around $40.  We’re kidding about the baby, by the way.  They’ll probably just take the receiver off and try to swallow it (or throw it in your face).

[First Street Online via 7 Gadgets]