Remote Control Japanese Style Toilet. Really.

I have big love for Japanese toilets.  Those hole on the floor urinals?  Hilarious. High-tech toilet bowls?  Drives me nuts.  Turns out, though, that the best is yet to come with this Remote Control Japanese Style Toilet.

Basically, it takes one of those Japanese floor toilets and puts functional RC car hardware under it, allowing you to drive the thing around like your nitro-fueled weekend short course racers.  Sure, it will neither run as fast nor maneuver as smoothly, but we can almost guarantee it will attract more attention than your heavily-modifed regional race-winning Traxxas Slash setup.  At least for one afternoon.

While it comes complete with a flush lever and urinal cake, the Remote Control Japanese Style Toilet isn’t really intended for use as a mobile comfort room.  Instead, it’s a novelty RC car for grossing out your parents and amusing your classmates from middle school when they hang out at your house.  Or annoying your girlfriend and delivering your beer, whichever is more appropriate.  It measures 11 x 23 x 15 cm and requires 4 AA batteries to use (plus another 2 for the controller).

Can you use this to actually relieve yourself in?  We guess you can, in the same way you can dispatch all your excess water in an empty Snapple bottle while in the car or on a random empty can you happen to chance upon in the middle of the street.   We do recommend avoiding it unless you have an emergency, though.

The Remote Control Japanese Style Toilet is available now, priced at $16.30.

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