Renard Grand Tourer: Yes, The World Needs Another Awesome Motorcycle

Does the world need another awesome motorcycle?  Of course, it does.  All that money that isn’t going in your pockets need to be spent on something, so it might as well be on another kickass crotch rocket like the Renard Grand Tourer.

Renard Motorcycles bill their newest offspring as having the DNA of engineering intelligence.  It’s not a stretch of a claim either, as the ultra-light two-wheeler tips the scales at only 419 lbs, all while bringing along components that “represent the cutting edge of the motorcycle industry.”  Motorcycle industry represent!

The Renard GT is a sleek and powerful racing machine with 83 x 33 x 39 inch dimensions and a minimum ground clearance of 5.5 inches.  It features a V2 Moto Guzzi “Quattrovalvole” engine that’s longitudinally mounted to achieve ideal balance, adjustable Ohlins suspensions, carbon fiber rims and a whole host of aluminum components.  Engine produces 125 hp at 8000 RPM, with a top speed of 143 mph.

Chassis is  a composite carbon-fiber monocoque that weighs a light 11 kilograms, all while being considerably stiffer than a regular pipe frame.  It’s Kevlar-reinforced, too, making the body extra-resistant to impact and vibrations.  The bike’s frame, gondolas, petrol tank and air box are all integrated into the unibody structure, making for an efficient load-bearing design.

Yes, there is some resemblance to some of Confederate Bikes’ newer models, which actually makes it more awesome.  Plus, the sporty masculine styling should make the Renard Grand Tourer a better fit for your favorite superhero motorcycle suit, not that we condone dressing like you’re biking to Comic Con (I swear, we don’t).

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