Renew SleepClock Is A Smart, Considerate Sleep Monitor

Truth be told, few of us probably get the kind of sleep we should.  If you’re interested in improving your sleeping patterns, though, it’s hard to figure out how to implement improvements on your own.  That’s where the Renew SleepClock comes in.

Made by GEAR4, the contraption is a sleep monitor that performs its duties without bogging you down with wristbands, headbands and all sorts of wearable accessories.  It’s fully non-contact, gathering all the data it needs to record your nocturnal habits while you sleep in complete comfort.

The Renew SleepClock uses contact-free sensors to monitor your sleep, automatically recognizing when you’re awake, in light sleep or in deep sleep.  Don’t worry, they didn’t put a leprechaun inside the thing to watch you closely at night.  Instead, it senses your breathing rate and measures ambient light to gauge what the heck you’re really up to at 3 AM.  It also doubles as a smart alarm clock, which lets you specify a time range in which it should wake you up.  Depending on how it analyzes your sleep patterns from the night before, it activates the alarm at a point within that range where it feels you’ve gotten the best amount of rest.

Designed to work with an iOS device, the bedside contraption (think of it like an oversized alarm clock) features a 30-pin dock on top, where you can slot your gadget in before you hit the bed.  It works with an app that records and displays all the sleep statistics it detects throughout your use, giving you access to accurate analytics that you can use to understand and improve your sleeping habits.

According to GEAR4, the Renew SleepClock will hit US stores in March, priced at $199.99.