Renew X Can Is A Biodegradable Alternative To Aluminum Cans

Like drinking out of a can, but hate all that wasteful aluminum ending up in landfills?  Enjoy your canned drinks more responsibly with the Renew X Can, a reusable and biodegradable drinking vessel that mimics many of the properties of standard 12oz cans,all while being able to decompose in landfills in as little as 180 days.

Designed bu Haoshi Studio, the drinking container is made from Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA), a plastic-like material derived from natural corn starch.   Made with no petroleum components, the sustainable material features many of plastic’s normal properties, all while posting 40% less carbon dioxide emission during the production process.

The Renew X Can has dual walls that allows you to fill it in hot or cold drinks without  affecting the temperature on the surface (i.e. it’s always safe to grab with your hand).  It’s fully insulated and is microwaveable up to 110ºF, making it an extremely convenient solution for taking drinks with you.

While the top looks like it’s got a pull-tab opening like disposable cans, the lid is actually resealable.   Oh yeah, you can crush the outer wall, too, in case you want to give the can a funky beat-up design (or you just like crushing your cans).

You can buy the Renew X Can from its creators’ website, priced at $28 each.

[Haoshi via Yanko]