Replenish Revolutionizes Packaging For Spray Cleaners

As it turns out, that bottle of cleaner sitting under your sink is just 5% chemical and 95% water.  So why the hell do you keep paying for an entire plastic bottle every time you pick up supplies at the grocery?  Replenish, a new multi-surface cleaning product, lets you buy just the chemical in a small capsule container, so you can mix it with water in your own bottle.

When you first buy the product, you get it in an empty sprayer bottle with one of the refill capsules screwed on at the bottom. Once you get home, you simply flip the bottle upside down until the concentrated solution from the capsule flows into a small built-in measuring cup.  Then, you add water and shake.  Each refill has enough chemicals to make up to four full bottles of cleaning product, saving you four separate trips to the grocery.

The Replenish bottle and sprayer are all reusable – once the capsule runs out, just plug in a new one and you’re good to go.  With the sprayer rated for 10,000 trigger-pulls, it will literally give you years of good use (unless you lose it or burn it or something).  Every part of the construction is recycled from PET plastic and are 100% recyclable (even the springs are made from plastic).

Because you’re paying for a smaller container every time you refill, you end up shouldering less of the transportation and material costs that go with full bottles of cleansers.  That means some serious savings, apart from the obvious environmental benefits.

If Replenish can actually clean good, we have a feeling this can make a significant dent in the market.  Each Replenish bottle (with one capsule) is available for $7.99; refills go for $3.99.