RDG Mock One Gives You A Self-Standing Hammock That Can Collapse Into The Size Of A Camp Chair

We’re big fans of the QNUX, that hammock with a built-in stand that collapses to dimensions resembling an oversized yoga mat. While it’s compact enough to throw in the boot of a car for transport and sling over your shoulder to carry during a hike, it’s still large enough that it can be quite the inconvenience. The Republic of Durable Goods Mock One is a hammock-and-stand combo that collapses to the size of a larger folding camp chair.

Measuring just 33 x 11 x 6 inches (height x width x depth) when folded, the standalone hammock offers a similar level of portability to traditional camp chairs, all while giving you a more comfortable facility to spend a leisurely day in nature. Whether you’re roughing it up in the mountains, soaking up the sun at the beach, or simply enjoying a cookout at a campsite with friends, this thing lets you wile the day away relaxing on your back while rocking gently.

The Republic of Durable Goods Mock One deploys to a standalone hammock-and-stand combo by simply unfolding the legs until they lock in, then mounting the hammock, which has crossbars on each end, to each of the four corners. Yes, it’s that simple. Once set up, it gets you a suspended bed that measures 67 x 25 inches (length x width), providing enough room to accommodate folks up to 6’4”. Do note, taller individuals won’t be able to fit their entire body into the hammock, so their feet will likely be dangling (at least, from the product pictures, we’ve seen). Still looks mighty comfortable, though.

Since the hammock is held by crossbars on each end, it won’t quite sway gently from side to side the way traditional hammocks do. That’s right, you won’t get the relaxing motions that have characterized the comfort of suspended beds. According to the outfit, though, the flexible steel frame will rock gently with your physical movements, so there’s a bit of rocking chair feel to it, in case you’re not quite a fan of a hammock that simply stays perfectly still.

The Republic of Durable Goods Mock One is made from 210T parachute nylon for the hammock and durable coated steel for the frame, so it’s strong enough to support individuals up to 250 pounds. For added convenience, it has a large basket beneath the hammock that you can use to store snacks and gear, dual cup holders, and even side hammock pockets, so you can stash stuff without having to get off from your comfortable position, as well as an adjustable sun shade (UPF 50+ rating) on the head area, so the sun doesn’t get in your eyes when you’re trying to get some rest.

The hammock, by the way, stores right in the basket of the collapsed frame, so the entire rig stashes in just one place. Once collapsed, you can secure the rig using the included wrap, which comes with a built-in shoulder strap for portability.

The Republic of Durable Goods Mock One is available now, priced at $149.98.

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