Rescue Forever Sponge Is A Kitchen Sponge Designed To Last For The Long Haul

The kitchen sponge – you use it until it starts looking rough and you get a new one. In some households, it lasts a couple weeks. In others, the sponge may stay intact for a little longer. That’s, pretty much, how that goes. But what if you can get a kitchen sponge that can hold up for the long haul? That’s what the Rescue Forever Sponge promises.

Touted as a “kitchen sponge built to last forever,” the contraption lets you clean your dishes much like any sponge, all while resisting the wear, tear, and general damage that sponges tend to incur over normal use, making it a more sustainable kitchen option. Want a sponge that you don’t have to replace a dozen or so times a year? This will work. How about a sponge that can clean knives, graters, and other blades without ripping apart? Yes, this should hold up to those, too.

The Rescue Forever Sponge has an exterior layer made from level 5 HPPE, a material that can automatically flex when it encounters a sharp object, making it extremely difficult to cut. This is how it’s able to resist the typical wear and tear of traditional sponges, paving the way for its extensive promised lifespan. In case you’re curious, this same material is extensively used in a variety of industrial products, including cut-resistant gloves, butcher gear, and firefighting equipment, so that should give you a clearer idea of its hardwearing qualities.

While it uses HPPE on the outside, the inner sponge is made from a blend of polyethylene, polyurethane, and spandex, which allows it to function much like any standard cleaning sponge. Because of this, it’s supposedly really good at absorbing and holding onto soapy water, so you can clean up a big batch of dishes with just a few drops of your dishwashing detergent of choice.

The Rescue Forever Sponge is designed for heavy-duty scrubbing, with an abrasive surface that’s rough enough to remove all sorts of stuck-on items on your cookware. Truth be told, it looks rough enough to use to clean stovetops, ovens, and all sorts of grimy stuff, though wed have to use it in person to verify. Despite the abrasive quality, the outfit claims it still won’t scratch your fine china, even though we’re not entirely sure how it can be that rough yet that gentle at the same time. We’ll just take their word for it.

It’s also antimicrobial, so it won’t encourage the growth of germs and bacteria, ensuring you don’t have to worry about your sponge looking like a pigsty after you forget to clean it up over the weekend. Of course, it should still be a good idea to make sure your sponge is properly cleaned before hanging it up on its hook (or setting it down on its sponge bed), so make sure to treat it like a normal sponge that way. It’s also heat-resistant and won’t take damage in case you use it to scrub hot cookware straight off the stovetop when needed. All in all, it sounds like an improved version of your standard kitchen sponge.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Rescue Forever Sponge. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $9.

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