Rescue Your Old Records From The Attic With A Urecord Vinyl And Cassette Ripper

urecord-vinyl-and-cassette-ripper Do you have dozens of boxes sitting in your attic filled with great vinyl albums and cassettes from your younger years?  You can now bring them to the digital age with a Urecord Vinyl and Cassette Ripper.  That’s right, just plug this device right into your computer with a USB connection and then plug your cassette player or turntable into the Urecord and you are ready to start recording.


Imagine all the old gems you can save with this device and bring back all those old memories from your childhood.  Listen to your favorite oldies on your Ipod and enjoy some of the music that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Recreating your old music collection with mp3s or even CDs could cost you a fortune.  And that is even if you could find all of them.  With the Urecord, you can pick one up for a small amount of money and begin recording all the old classics.

The storage capacity is limitless when you start bringing your old vinyl records and cassettes to a digital medium.  While you will probably want to hold onto your old collection for sentimental purposes, you can actually start enjoying them again with this device.  It’s a must have for old music fans and collectors of vinyl records.  Now you just have to find an old turntable, but you probably have one of those in your attic as well.  If not, pick up an old classic in a local junk shop for a few bucks.  Nothing will beat the sounds of the music of your youth when you get it on your Ipod or mp3 player.