ReSkate Boarding Salvages Abandoned Decks, Turns Them Into New

Everyone grows up.  Even skaters.  And when they do, their favorite boards get sold for coins.  Or abandoned and never thought about again.  Some of those get picked up by ReSkate Boarding and given a fresh leash on life.

A collective made up of Barcelona-based graphic artists, the group rescues those abandoned decks and rebirths them into a one-of-a-kind design.  The refreshed decks remain usable for riding, so you can use them as a real board, a display piece or even a seat for your Skate Bench.  Just make sure to tell them what you plan to do with the board when ordering, so they can equip it with the necessary preparations.

ReSkate Boarding reshapes and sands the board before throwing on illustrations, so some of them can take on funkier than usual dimensions (especially if the salvaged decks come damaged).  You can order both decks with completed graphics or throw on your own custom illustration on a blank deck (they have 31 shapes currently available).

Designs, of course, vary depending on the artist.  Whether you dig gnarly cartoons, colorful abstracts or just plain weird visuals, you should be able to find something that flies well with your tastes.

ReSkate Boarding’s finished decks go for €190, with pricing for the custom decks depending on the kind of stuff you request.

[ReSkateBoarding via Thrillist]