You Don’t Need To Become President To Sit Behind This Detailed Reproduction Of The Resolute Desk


When you reach that point in your career where you have an office with your name at the door, then you’re absolutely justified in feeling like a boss. And while a premium desk like this 15-Baluster Table can only reinforce your dominion over the office landscape, we have a feeling nothing can declare “boss” louder than the American President’s Resolute Desk.

A replica of the same desk used in the Oval Office, it doesn’t just make you feel like a boss, it makes you feel like the ultimate boss, carrying the fate of the world on your shoulders. Don’t worry, though, all that responsibility is just an illusion, so you won’t actually gray and wrinkle in the same seemingly-accelerated pace as every POTUS does. Well, we hope so.

A picture of the real thing, for comparison

Made by History Company, the American President’s Resolute Desk is a fully-functional (all drawers and cabinets work like in the real thing) reproduction of the original piece, which was given to President Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1879. More than a simple copy, it’s described as a “museum-quality exacting replica” that’s been handcrafted to perfectly resemble the original down to the tiny details. Heck, they even replicated the attached brass plate, with an inscribed message from the Queen.


Construction is either solid oak or solid mahogany (buyer’s choice), with a hand-dyed walnut leather top for historical accuracy. It’s a bit massive at 72 x 48 x 31 inches (l x w x h) and 500 pounds, so it’s one of those pieces that you will likely want to keep in the same place.

Available now, the American President’s Resolute Desk is priced at $7,995.

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