Resonant Décor Prints A Personalized Audio Wave For Hanging On Your Wall

Looking for an art piece to hang over your newly-installed screening room?   Yeah, those Tim Burton prints you bought don’t exactly lend themselves to any place other than your torture chamber. How about this personalized music-themed artwork called Resonant Décor?

Made by Vapor Sky, the piece shows off a sound wave from any piece of music of your choosing, accurately captured using an audio editing software.  Just choose your color scheme, choose the size, upload the audio clip you want to display (yes, your atrocious version of Gucci Gucci will do), and they’ll handle the rest — just wait for your spanking new print to arrive in the door.

Resonant Décor displays the chosen sound wave using your color scheme with a gradient design that makes for a special-looking wall piece.  The final image is digitally printed to a high-quality canvas, which is then stretched over a frame and shipped ready to hang.  You can choose from 25 pre-set color styles and five frame sizes (the smallest is 24 x 18 inches, the biggest is 60 x 40 inches).

Sounds simple?  Well it does.  The result, however, looks really good, especially when you match it with the color scheme of the room where the piece will hang.

You can order a Resonant Décor print from Vapor Sky’s website, with prices ranging from $199 to $800.