Respawn 900 Is A Gaming Chair Designed With Console Players In Mind


We already know the perfect chair for console gaming and it’s called the couch. But if watching all those streamers click heads and frag out while chilling on a comfy-looking gaming chair makes you jealous, you might be interested in the Respawn 900, a gaming chair aimed at the console gaming crowd.

Yes, you can get any gaming chair and probably enjoy your console games on there. Bear in mind, though, that most of those things were built for mouse-and-keyboard players, whose postures, sitting positions, and distance from the screen vary wildly from those gaming on an Xbox One, PS4, or Switch. That means, they’re optimized for an entirely different set of requirements, making a console-specific gaming chair a much better option for console players.


While most gaming chairs feel like office chairs, the Respawn 900 actually looks more like a swivel recliner, since console gaming shares more things in common with watching TV than grinding with a mouse-and-keyboard. As such, you get a reclining chair with a high back and integrated footrest that you can recline up to 135 degrees, with various incremental lock settings at various angles, in case you prefer a more specific reclining angle during gameplay. Unlike many recliners that separate the footrest extension from the rest of the chair, it’s offered here as a single continuous surface, which was done to prevent chances of getting cables tangled, in case you prefer playing with tethered rather than wireless controllers.

As with any proper gaming chair, it has a high backrest to support your entire upper body, complete with a removable pillow, so you can rest your head if that’s more comfortable. It also has segmented padding, so there’s support at strategic points to ensure all-day comfort, while swapping out the usual casters for a pedestal base to provide sturdy support that stays in place, no matter how much you rage after being killed in an encounter you would have won nine times out of 10. Seriously, maybe even 9.5 times.


The Respawn 900 Gaming Recliner has separate controls for the backrest and footrest, so you can arrange the chair’s position to  exactly how you like. Want to recline the back without extending the footrest? Not a problem. How about keeping the back upright, while letting you stretch out your legs? Yes, you can do that, too. Suffice to say, this gives you a whole lot of posture options, allowing you to chill in the most comfortable position you can find.


Because you won’t be playing with a desk in front, it comes with a cup holder for setting your drinks down, as well as a side pouch for keeping your bag of chips, headphones, and other small items. According to the outfit, the chair can support up to 275 pounds, so as long as you don’t stuff too many chips, candy bars, and Red Bulls into your face while playing, it should be able to handle you just fine.

The Respawn 900 Gaming is available now.

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