ResQMe Mini Is A Lifesaver Keychain

Like the ExiTool and similar car emergency escape tools, the ResQMe Mini will let you cut off a jammed seatbelt and break the window to make your way out of a wreck.   Except it also doubles as a keychain, so you’ll always have it in your pocket, ready for when that rare need arises.  What use is an emergency device, after all, if you’re going to constantly forget it at home?

Made by Lifehammer, the multi-purpose tool measures a compact  1.25-inches wide and  just over half an inch long, making it an ideal size for use as a keychain.  That way, you can hook up your keys, throw it in your pocket and leave it there, ready to be busted out during a bad accident (even when you’re just hitching a ride).

The ResQMe Mini uses a removable plastic clip as the keyring, which doubles as a safety guard for the blades.  Removing it exposes the seatbelt cutter, which you can hook onto the strap for slicing yourself free.  To break a locked side window, all you have to do is slam the black head against the glass, which will activate the concealed spring-loaded spike in order to shatter it.  According to the company, exerting as little as 12 lbs. of pressure is enough to accomplish the deed.  Do note that the tiny hardened steel pin won’t be strong enough to break windshields, so look for a side exit, lest have your efforts end up in vain.

For such a small tool, the ResQMe Mini sure packs quite a powerful, lifesaving punch.  It’s available from Amazon, priced at $9.95.

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