Stamp Your Own Personalized Golf Balls With This Cool Tool

You play golf to relax.  And most of the time, it does help your anxious soul settle down.  Unless your ball keeps hitting the cabbage; or your putts keep refusing to fall; or you just can’t figure out which one of the multiple balls on the sand bunker is actually yours.  While the first two will probably require more practice to patch up, the third problem should be easy enough to fix with the Restoration Hardware Golf Ball Personalizer.

“But…but… I already have a stamp pad,” you protest.  Seriously, does this look like some ghetto rubber stamp pad to you?  Hell, naw.  Leave the stamp pad to your third grader decorating her notebook with Hello Kitties and Bad Badtz Marus.  Instead, mark your balls with a specialist tool that’s as manly as the rest of your handyman stash.

The Restoration Hardware Golf Ball Personalizer is a wrench-like tool whose sole purpose in life is to mark golf balls with up to three letters, so you can quickly find them among a pile.  Safe bet, of course, will be to mark it with your initials, although you can get creative if you’re in the mood for it.  Be warned, though — there’s not really a lot of clever markings you can make with three letters (unless “FTW,” “OMG” and “XD” still make you giggle like it’s 2005 or something).

Construction is stainless steel, so it should feel right at home hanging on Tool Dots in your beautifully-organized workshop.  The 7.5-inch long tool uses ink strips and clear lacquer for the markings.

You can buy the Golf Ball Personalizer directly from Restoration Hardware, priced at $22.

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