Retro Invader Couch: Sit On That Pixelated Alien

You check your Space Invaders Watch.  It’s 6 PM.  Beer time.  So you pick up your Alien Invader Multi-Tool, crack a bottle open and pour that icy brew on a Space Invader Mug.  If only you can do all that while lying down on a Retro Invader Couch, your life will be perfect.  And now you can.

Created by American industrial designer Igor Chak, the furniture is a real, functional sofa chair styled to look like an alien from the classic 80s game.  It’s quite the creative application of the pixelated character, too.  I mean, I never imagined those attacking aliens ever making for a fitting couch design.

The Retro Invader Couch is a limited-edition seating furniture that measures 196 x 84 x  75.8 cm.  Since it’s rocking a likeness of the retro videogame antagonist, it features the same blocky dimensions, two-tone color scheme, and even a pair of drilled-through eyes in the backrest.

Each one is handmade, with the units built upon ordering at Igor’s LA spot.  They use premium materials for construction, including memory foam cushions and full leather upholstery.

Granted, a retro gaming furniture will probably work better for a game room or a dorm room.  The stylish look of this Retro Invader Couch, though, should easily pass it off as a welcome piece in any modern living room.  Price is £5,500.