Reuse Your Old SD and MicroSD Cards


SD cards and MicroSD cards are used for a number of things, including cameras and  smart phones.  However, what do you do with those cards after you’ve upgraded?  We all probably have a few SD cards hanging around that we don’t use any more, but we don’t just want to throw them away.  Sure, sometimes we find a friend or relative that needs one, but how likely is it that anyone wants a gig card when four or even eight gig SD or MicroSD cards are available for very little?  But there is one way you can get some use out of them.

The LaCie DataShare USB Card Reader turns these old SD or MicroSD cards into a flash drive.  All you do is plug in your MicroSD or SD card into the slot on the DataShare and you’ve instantly got a new USB flash drive.  Even better, the DataShare device is actually two USB drives in one.  The “cap” section contains the slot for the MicroSD card, while the larger red section contains the port for your SD card.  This means you can carry around two different USB drives at once and makes it easy to remember which section has your personal data on it and which has your shared or work-related information.

There are no drivers needed to use the LaCie DataShare USB Card Reader, so you don’t have to worry about it being compatible with your computer.  It also works with nearly all brands of SD and MicroSD cards.