Revisit Your Negative Past

usb-negative-scanner-1Remember the era of the 35MM camera and the shoe boxes chock full of negatives?  Well, if you don’t your parents surely will, as the cutting edge technology then was your pictures being delivered to you in an envelope with the negative strips included.  Nowadays, you might get a funny look from the 17-year old clerk at the one-hour photo, or even a puzzled look as he tries to figure out just exactly what the strange strips of chemically coated plastic are.

Not only that, but the pictures of you drunk at Halloween wearing the Caped Crusader underpants that your friend bought you as a joke, and you put on to show you were too drunk to care about etching your embarrassing attire in history forever, could create quite an incident at the local photo store, with the clerks – male and female alike – looking at you with their upper lip trembling to contain their laughter every time you come in for pictures.

usb-negative-scanner-2Well, luckily technology has the solution for anyone who has ever worn superhero underpants as an adult, or owns any other embarrassing pictures stored on negatives.  The answer is the USB Negative Scanner.  This gadget simply plugs into your computer and allows you to slide your negatives into the slot and transfer those pictures to your computer.  After a few seconds of adjusting the light and background, your picture will be displayed on your computer screen in all of it’s 5 mega-pixel glory.

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