Parabelt Holds Up Your Pants While Doubling As A Ratchet Tourniquet During Medical Emergencies


Yes, you can use any belt as a tourniquet in a pinch, allowing you to slow down blood loss during injuries to the limbs. Unlike ordinary belts, though, the RevMedx Parabelt comes with a heavy-duty ratchet that allows you to cinch it down tightly when wound around an arm or a leg, providing emergency first aid in a considerably more effective way than any belt you can get off the rack.

Created by the same guys behind the XStat Wound Dressing, it’s an erstwhile ordinary belt that you can wear to hold up your pants and shorts, so you can pair it with your everyday attires. Granted, it’s not that good-looking if you’re trying to accessorize nicely, but if you value emergency readiness over style, we can’t imagine a more potentially lifesaving belt to have around.


The RevMedx Parabelt consists of a webbing belt that integrates the outfit’s military-rated ratcheting tourniquet system, essentially allowing it to double as a high-quality tourniquet whenever needed. To use, simply wrap the belt around the injured limb in the area right above the wound, then cinch it tight using the integrated loop. From there, you use to ratchet to tighten it as much as it can go until you’re able to get the bleeding to stop.


It comes with printed instructions right on the underside of the belt, too, so you can check it out in case you’re panicking and drawing a blank about what to do. There’s also a labeled blank section where you can write pertinent information to keep medical respondents informed in case the patient loses consciousness.

Available in five sizes, the RevMedx Parabelt is priced at $125.

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