This Insulated Tub Lets You Set Up All Your Food And Drinks In One Container


Even small get-togethers can get messy. Very messy. Between all the bottles of drinks, the bucket of ice, several bowls of grub, cups, and dishes, your little party can turn an erstwhile clean house into a pigsty pretty fast. The Revo Party Barge can help with that.

An oversized party container, it comes with three large compartments that you can use to hold all your food, drinks, and ice, saving you from the mess created by multiple containers. No need for coolers, buckets, and bowls – just throw in a few cups and your party is set.


The Revo Party Barge is, basically, a small, shallow tub that’s divided into three sections, with a middle section that can be further separated into four smaller compartments. You can use one large section to hold all your chilled bottles, another to hold a pile of ice cubes, and the center section to hold four different food items, although you can, pretty much, set it up for any presentation that you want. You can use it as a serving tray for food items during lunch, while transforming into a dedicated tub for ice and drinks when partying at night. Heck, you can even outfit it as a mini-bar, with your liquor on one compartment, your ice on another, and your garnishes in the four sections on the middle.

Each of the three large compartments is individually insulated, so whatever you put inside should retain as much of its temperature for a while, whether it’s holding ice cold drinks, crispy hot fries, or a stack of freshly-cooked slider burgers. Of course, since the top is open, it won’t hold ice as long as your favorite coolers, but it does have enough insulation to keep your drinks chilled all throughout a party, whether you’re at home, in the beach, or at a tailgate.


The Revo Party Barge measures 44 x 11 x 7 inches (width x depth x height), allowing it to accommodate up to 39 beer bottles (or 18 wine bottles), in case you want to use it as a dedicated ice box for your drinks. Need something bigger? Well, just buy two or more – it’s still a lot simpler than using multiple buckets, coolers, and serving trays. The whole thing weighs 14 pounds, by the way, and will only get it heavier once filled with food, drinks, and ice, so it’s not going to be convenient to move around. Fortunately, they threw in hand grips on each end, so you and a friend should be able to easily move it from the kitchen to the living room to the backyard.


Want your party presentation to look a little bit better? Add some color to the proceedings by using the outfit’s optional light cubes, which are LED lights covered in a food-safe material that you can mix with the ice to make your drinks glow for a legit party-like presentation.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Revo Party Barge. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $119.

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