Revols Is A $199 Pair Of Custom-Molded Earphones


The better a pair of in-ear monitors fit in your ear, the better they’ll work at blocking outside noise. As such, there’s a real market out there for custom headphones that are tailored to your precise dimensions. Problem is, custom-fitting will cost you somewhere in the four figures – not exactly an option for the majority of folks who just want a decent pair of earphones. Revols, a new pair of headphones that can be custom-fit using an app, changes that.

How the heck does an app customize in-ear monitors? That’s because, out of the box, the earphones come with gel-filled silicone tips that will accommodate the exact contours of your ear when you put them in. Once they’ve settled tight and snug, you simply tap a button on the accompanying app, which will then trigger the gel to permanently harden in the exact form they’re in at that time. Voila, instant custom-molded earphones in 60 seconds.


The fit of the tips, of course, are only one part of the in-ear listening experience, so Revols partnered with Onkyo to have them help with the actual acoustics, netting you quality drivers and audio hardware along with the perfect fit. They look good, too, with the tips attached to a brushed metal disc, sporting a plastic body, plastic face, and diamond-cut chamfered metal edge. Since the custom-fit will obliterate any external noise, it comes with mics on each ear that allow you to control how much noise is allowed in (adjustable via the app), so you don’t have to be completely oblivious of the surroundings, making them perfectly functional even for listening to music while riding on a bike. Features include detachable tips (each one comes with an extra pair for backup), eight hours of battery life, and swappable color covers to change up the earphones’ look.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Revols. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $199.

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