Rice Cube Takes Complicated Out Of Sushi Making

Making rice sushi at home isn’t that hard if you own this Sushi Bazooka.  Then again, why do it in a moderately easy manner when you can make it really easy with the Rice Cube.

A contraption for pressing rice and other ingredients into small cubes, it lets you make bite-sized, sophisticated-looking food items without any difficulty whatsoever.  Perfect for impressing dinner guests, preparing party finger food, and tricking impressionable young ladies you met at the strip club that you’re a world-renowned chef when you invite them back to your place.

The Rice Cube is a simple two-piece utensil that lets you compress a small serving of food items into a tiny but perfectly-shaped block.  Since you’re using force to press the food together, there’s no need to use sticky rice nor use additives (like sugar or vinegar) — just press your cooked rice in like those machines that pummel old car bodies into tiny bundles in junk shops and you’re done.  Of course, boiled cubed rice tastes just as bland as plain boiled rice, so simply mix in small chunks of meat, chopped vegetables, sliced Hot Gummi Bears, sauce and whatever else you like to gobble your staple grain with.  They offer plenty of sample recipes from the official Rice Cube website, too, like chicken rice cubes, red rice with cheeseball and black rice with coconut, among others.

Since this is, basically, just a compacting tool, you can also use it for food items other than rice.  Think cheeses, meat cubes, potatoes and other stuff with similar consistencies.

You can get the Rice Cube from Amazon, priced at $19.99.

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