Rick Satava’s Glass Jellyfish Sculptures Look Like Real Gelatinous Creatures In Repose


Jellyfish tanks are cool, letting you keep the gelatinous creatures around the house as pets. Problem is, they’re no different than any aquarium that you’ll need to regularly maintain – a whole lot of work many folks are too lazy to really bother doing. If you happen to be one of those, maybe forget the tank and just get one of these Glass Jellyfish Sculptures instead.

Created by artist Rick Satava and his team at Satava Art Glass, it’s a handcrafted collection of realistic-looking jellyfish sculptures housed inside their own glass tanks. And we’re not kidding about the realistic likeness – they, literally, look like jellyfish in repose, about to start wiggling when somebody rouses them out of slumber.


Each Jellyfish Glass Sculpture is made using the age-old glass-in-glass technique, where a glass sculpture is dipped into molten glass, in order to encase it inside a solid glass shroud, which the artist manipulates into shape before it cools. Each of the jellyfish sculptures are done up in precise detail, from the rounded bell shape to the tendril-like tentacles to the colorful and gelatinous appearance, then housed in various shapes of glass enclosures, including spheres, pods, and bullet-like forms.   You’re not quite going to mistake them for jellyfish tanks, considering the bulbous glass containers are a bit too small for the free-swimming creatures they’re holding, but these make for quite the striking sight to look at all the same.


Satava Art Glass makes around 300 of the Jellyfish Glass Sculptures in various sizes a month, which you can purchase directly from their website. Pricing starts at $250.

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