Ride On Carry On Adds A Baby Chair To Your Luggage


How do you make traveling with a child easier? Haul them along with your carry-on luggage using the Ride On Carry On, a collapsible toddler seat that can hook onto your trolley bag.   Yep, so you can drag your stuff and your kid (or troll or leprechaun) attached to it with just one tug.

Created by a former flight attendant who also happens to be a mother of two, the travel accessory provides comfortable seating for any child under five years old, weighing south of 40 lbs.  Whether you’re hanging out at the airport lounge, making a dash for the cab or having a snack at the restaurant facilities, your little troll can just plop down on it quietly, rolling along wherever your luggage goes.

The Ride On Carry On is a foldable child seat that straps tight around 18- to 22-inch suitcases and hooks over the handles to securely mount itself.   It comes with a table tray (that can fold in to become a padded headrest), allowing your kid to eat or play during those restless hours of waiting.  Once you’ve boarded, you can simply fold the chair flat against the suitcase for slipping into the overhead locker.

First introduced several years ago, it’s surprising we’re not seeing this thing used more by traveling parents.  The sheer convenience of freeing one hand that you’d otherwise need to carry your child and the play-like experience it creates for the kids should make this a no-brainer for anyone flying with a tyke on board.

Really, really clever.  The Ride On Carry On is available directly from the website for $39.95.  You can also check their list of dealers to see if it’s available in your area.

[Ride On Carry On via Red Ferret]