Use This E-Bike’s Generous Front Cargo Bay To Haul Equipment And Supplies


Yes, you can use a small trailer to haul cargo on your bicycle. Problem is, the trailer is always directly behind your line-of-sight, making it difficult to check on your cargo and downright impossible to notice when something falls off. That’s the problem dedicated cargo bikes like the Riese & Muller Packster tries to solve.

Equipped with a dedicated cargo bay up front, the bike allows you to keep a close eye on whatever you’re transporting, whether it’s several large bags of groceries, supplies for the mad scientist laboratory, or sacks of sand for your backyard project. That cargo area, by the way, can be used bare (it’s designed to load standard Euro-pallet boxes) or fitted with various boxes, including one designed to sit up to two kids, so you can use this to take the kids riding while they sit safely out front.


The Riese & Muller Packster combines a stiff frame and a low center of gravity to minimize jitter during riding, no matter how much payload you’re actually carrying. Since pedaling with a heavy haul will be torture on the legs, the bike comes equipped with Bosch Performance motors, which come in top speeds of either 15 mph or 28 mph. There’s also a low-speed, high-torque version that boost pedal assistance by a whopping 300 percent, along with the option for up to two 500 Wh batteries for a truly satisfying range. Features include two sizes (one with a 2-foot long cargo area and one 2.6-foot long), LED headlamps, hydraulic disc brakes, and a frame lock that leaves the bike immobile once it’s activated.


Pricing for the Riese & Muller Packster starts at £3,699.

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